General Surgery

Department of General Surgery


-One of the largest and premier departments of this institute catering to the rural south Indian population.

- The department was started in 2008.

-All major and minor surgeries are performed.

- Endoscopic, laparoscopic and uro-endoscopic surgeries are performed every day.-

- Departmental faculty possess vast teaching experience and surgical skills.

- MBBS students from 3rd to 9th semester are posted for clinical classes

- PG training institute with an yearly intake of 4 students.



Facilities available

1)      Out-Patient Services

2)      In-Patient Services        

3)      Gastro-duodenoscopy

4)      Sigmoidoscopy

5)      Colonoscopy

6)      Laparoscopic Surgery

7)      Minimally Invasive Surgery

8)      Day Care Surgery

9)      Trauma Surgery

10)    Minor and Major Surgeries

11)    Emergency Surgeries

12)    Surgical ICU

13)    Department Library – 220 books

14)    Department Museum




Academic Activities

Clinical Teaching – Under Graduate


·         150 students are admitted every year

·         Around 420 students (4th & 5th , 6th & 7th, 8th & 9th semesters) attend theory classes from Monday to Saturday.

·         On an average, 100 students attend practical classes every day.

·         The students are divided into small groups and posted in 5 clinical units.

·         O.P.D Clinics, Bedside Clinics and clinical Demonstrations are held.

·         Practical classes including presentations and case discussions are being conducted for the 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 3rd semester students on all working days.

·         24 weeks of clinical posting is conducted, for 3 hours daily from 9.30am to 12.30am.

·         More than 300 hours of theory lecture classes are conducted separately for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th semester students.

·         Group discussions are conducted every Monday from 2 pm to 4 pm for Final year MBBS Students

·         Symposiums / Seminars are conducted every week for MBBS students

·         Internal assessment exams are conducted regularly


Clinical Teaching – CRRI

·         End postings clinical and theory exams are compulsorily conducted every two months for every batch.

·         We are conducting orientation training programs for CRRI’s in the Department at the beginning of internship.

·         Two months training in General Surgery including Anaesthesia.

·         They are trained in Operative Procedures and are given live skills training under supervision

·         Management of injuries and surgical emergencies is taught

·         Weekly CRRI Seminars and case presentations

·         Monthly Suturing Workshops

·         Case based bedside Topic Discussion

·         Patient specific follow up – Rapport building

·         Encouraged to present interesting cases in the CSF meetings


Clinical Teaching – Post Graduates


·         Annual Intake of 4 post graduate students

·         Intensive Clinical training of 3 years duration

·         Post graduates trained under ENTRUSTATBLE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES

·         Weekly thrice Clinical Presentation and case discussion

·         Alternate Saturdays - Journal Club & EBM sessions

·         Weekly seminars

·         Weekly once Group Discussion

·         They assist in all major surgeries

·         Perform under supervision various minor and major surgeries independently

·         Confidence Building Measures – Independent Case handling and patient counseling under supervision

·         Every day activities are updated in SBVU designed E-portfolio with their concerned unit chiefs and under their guidance

·         They are encouraged to present Paper and Poster presentations in conferences.

·         Encouraged to attend various seminars and CME programs

.         Peripheral Postings during their second year to MMC, Chennai for 6 months - Super Specialty training in various departments

·         Laparoscopy training for all post graduates

.          Endoscopy [OGD scopy and Colonoscopy] training


Teaching and learning programs


Academic Schedule is prepared in advance according to syllabus and theory classes are taken by faculties.

Teaching Methods:

                  Power point projections

                  OHP projections

                   Audio-Visual aids

                   Clinical Demonstrations

                   Bedside Clinics    

                   Small group teaching

                   Role plays


                    Surgical Procedure Demonstration

                   Students are evaluated periodically by monthly cycle tests in theory and Clinical Evaluation tests in clinical postings.

                   Internal assessment examination (Theory and Practical) is conducted for final MBBS students.

                     Students performance are evaluated and feedback given to the students and their parents to improve academic performance.


Clinical Activities


Clinical Activities


Apart from routine clinical work, specialty clinics are conducted every day as per a pre designed schedule.

Regular camps are conducted for the benefit of the rural patients.

24/7 availability of a qualified and skilled surgeon in the Hospital.

All emergency surgeries are done.

Advanced endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries are done.

In addition, the following activities are:


1)      Speciality Camp Visits

2)   Breast Clinic

3)   Urology Clinic

4)   Vascular Surgery Clinic

5)   Endocrinology Clinic

6)   Diabetic Foot Clinic

7)   Ongoing Research Projects – 14

8)   CME Seminars

9)   Guest Lectures

10) Journal Club

11)Under Graduate & Post Graduate Teaching

12 ) Surgical Skills Workshop


Academic Activities

Research Focus


All faculty and PGs are encouraged to publish all interesting case reports regularly.

Faculties are involved in active original research and necessary support is provided at the departmental and institutional level.

 All PG thesis projects have been selected and assigned keeping in mind the areas of societal importance. All thesis projects will be published before they attend their final exams.